Is your student having difficulties in school?

Options’ Education Center includes techniques to make learning natural, easy and fun.

  • Does your student have a negative attitude toward school and learning?
  • Do you spend hours at night on homework that should only take one hour?
  • Is your student behind the rest of his/her class in one or more subjects?
  • Do you feel your student is not achieving his/her full potential?
  • Does your student need help with: short attention span, low grades, listening skills, motivation, coordination, comprehension, visual processing, and/or self-esteem?

Options Education Center offers individualized appointments for parents and their children to address these concerns through hair analysis, nutrition, supplements, and Brain Gym® balances, exercises and home play.

Email Helen to start your healing journey now.  She is an RN, a Licensed Dietary Nutritionist, and a licensed instructor for Touch for Health® and Brain Gym®.

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay