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About Helen

Helen K. Cox, RN, BSN, LDN

Helen K. Cox, RN, BSN, LDN

HELEN KAY COX is president and director of Options Center for Health and Education. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve their health and learning goals through preventative and regenerative programs. Helen as a health coach advocates optimal health as well as helping people regenerate from illnesses.

Helen is a Registered Nurse having graduated from Methodist School of Nursing and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Bradley University.  She is a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist in the State of Illinois.

She is also a Brain Gym® Instructor certified through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym® International, which holds the Brain Gym® trademark. For more information about Brain Gym®, visit

In addition, Helen is a certified Touch for Health instructor for Levels 1-4. For more information about Touch for Health, visit

Before her years at Options Center, Helen worked in various areas of community health care and obstetrics.

In 1979, Helen visited a chiropractor for her own health problems and discovered alternative health techniques. She began reading books, attending workshops, and participating in correspondence courses that dealt with holistic health. Among the holistic approaches, iridology first fascinated Helen. Friends began asking Helen to “read their eyes.” Soon thereafter, she started charging for her services.

Since 1985, Options Center has grown to become what it is today, a place to discover your optimal well-being.