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2013-Feb Activating the “Doctor Within” InterBusiness Issues

2005-Sept 28

A world of options



The preferred option is early prevention

Senior Citizens News & Views

2004- Jan 21 Learning to Breathe
Journal Star

2003-Nov 18

Toxins in your tresses?

Journal Star

2001-Jun 22

Hey, Doc, Try just saying ‘no’

Journal Star

2001-Mar 4

Splitting hairs over health

Journal Star

2000-Oct Market healthy for school lunches Journal Star
2001-Feb 11 Alternatives to Ritalin Journal Star

2000-Feb 16

Non-traditionalists offer alternatives


2000-Jan 22

Better diet can help kids learn skills

Journal Star

1999-June 9

Think of the stories hair could tell


1999-May 5

Do the eyes have it?

Journal Star

1998-Aug 5 Learning disabilities no reason to fail Observer

1997-Apr 16

Mineral levels in the body can influence behavior



Options Center, business of the month

Peoria Woman


St. Patrick’s School- Kindergarten

1996-Nov 13

Center teaches mind-body connection to enhance learning


1996-Nov 6

St. Patrick’s Grade School uses “Brain Gym” to provoke learning

Washington Courier


St. Patrick’s School-First grade


1996-Aug 11

Include grains, legumes, fruit in healthy diet

Journal Star


St. Mark’s School-Fourth grade

1995-Feb 16

Area woman featured in new book

Woodford County Journal

1994- Apr

Kids talk through their art


1994-Mar 10

Subconscious ART

Journal Star

1993-Sept 2

A place to exercise brain

Journal Star


Education Excerpts

Peoria Woman

1993-Aug 11

Brain games improve learning


1993-Jan 25

Holistic health care may offer lower costs

Pekin Daily Times

1993-Jan 25

Edu-Kenesis:  Learning through motion

Pekin Daily Times

1992-Mar-summer Pontiac students

1991-Jul 25

County woman offers approach to clients

Woodford County Journal

1991-Jun 21

Options recently holds open house at new location

Manito Review

1990-Dec 6 East Peoria learning center presents “options” for Eureka students Woodford County Journal

1990-Oct 10

Local business helps clients improve their learning activity

East Peoria Courier


Summer School Success

Brain Gym® Magazine

1989-Aug 3

New summer school program at Brimfield yields good results

Journal Star

1989-Jul 8

Brimfield educator:  Remedial program an innovative one

Pekin Daily Times

1989-Feb 2

Inner Peace offers options for problems

Journal Star

1989-Jan 7

Brain Gym activities part of East Peoria woman’s learning to learn

Pekin Daily Times

1988-Jul 14

No lazy brains in this classroom

Journal Star


Nurse:  We create our own problems and solutions

Journal Star


Nutrition, Herbs and Forgiveness Helen K. Cox’s Rx

Beginnings, The Official Newsletter of the American Holistic Nurses’ Association