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Hair Analysis-Can show trends that appear up to 20 years before a diagnosis from a blood sample.  Trace Mineral Analysis (TMA), also known as hair analysis, measures the amount of the nutrient mineral and toxic metals in the body. The report shows mineral levels, imbalances and toxicities can be just as devastating to health as …

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Step by Step for Health Clients

There are four steps to improving your health. Step 1: Before your first appointment with Helen, we invite you to do the following two things: A. Learn about the big picture of how to get healthy by listening to the “Welcome to Options Health Center CD” (7 minutes)and by watching Helen Cox being interviewed by …

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The testimonials below are in PDF format. Alcohol Female Hormones Addiction Gluten Intolerance, Rash 1 Allergies Gluten Intolerance, Rash 2 Asthma Hypertension Back Pain Infection Bulimia PMS 1 Chronic Illness PMS 2 Depression 1 Osteoarthritis Diabetes Rash Diabetes and Cholesterol Stress Eyes Urinary Tract Infections Energy, Low Endurance 1 Yeast/Candida 1 Energy, Low Endurance 2 …

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Health Topics

Select from the health topics listed below. The health topics are in PDF format.   Adrenal Stress Saliva Test Flu Shot or Not? Allergies, Nature’s Approach Food Allergies & Intolerances Alternative Health Q & A with Helen Hair Analysis-Why Use Health, Maintain Good Antacids Health Assessment Arthritis – A Gut Reaction Herbs Attitude – Beliefs …

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Health Videos

  This is a 36 minute video about how to reduce your stress and strengthen your immune system.   Watch this 16 minute video from Sara Snelling to learn about the importance of your digestion health.   What is sleep? (PDF)  867 total views,  2 views today

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Acupressure Herbs Alternative Health – Alternative Medicine – Holistic Health Homeopathy Applied Kinesiology – Kinesiology – Muscle Testing Iridology Aromatherapy – Essential Oils Meditation Bach Flowers Mind-Brain and Emotional Patterns Body Typing Neuro-Linguistic Programming Color Healing Nutrition Environmental, Personal Ecology Polarity Exceptional Patients Supplements Exercise Therapeutic Touch Functional Tests Touch for Health Hair Analysis Visualization …

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Nutrition Topics

The nutritional topics below are in PDF format. Allergies & Wheat Hormones, Dietary Asthma, Link to Junk Food Nutrition, Importance of Carbohydrates & the Glycemic Index Nutrition Facts Dairy Products Nutrition & Learning Essential Fatty Acids Obesity in American Children Fats Organic  Produce Fiber- Start Roughing It! Proteins Foods, Bad Tasting Soda, Think Before You …

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Health Workshops Available Helen virtually offers a variety of workshops.  Contact Helen at to arrange the course time. Touch For Health Level I – This workshop provides practical skills to manage stress, reduce physical and mental pain and tension and increase overall energy without the use of drugs. Also, included in this workshop are …

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