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Hair Analysis – Hair analysis (Trace Mineral Analysis or TMA) is a test in which a small sample of hair is sent to a lab for evaluation of the person’s mineral content. Please watch this video with Helen Cox, talking about hair analysis.

Nutritional Counseling – The mineral levels and ratios of particular minerals on a hair analysis determines the best foods to utilize and the best foods to avoid. Helen guides the student and family how to achieve needed dietary changes. Please watch this interview with Helen talking about nutrition. For more information on Hair Analysis, nutrition and supplements and students’ stories go to Handbook Part 1.

Brain Gym® – Brain Gym® exercises are fun and easy physical activities that a student and his/her parents perform. Please watch this interview with Carla Hannaford, internationally known lecturer and author. For more information on Brain Gym® including students’ go to Handbook Part 3 and Brain Gym® home page.