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Step by Step for Health Clients

There are four steps to improving your health.

Step 1: Before your first appointment with Helen, we invite you to do the following two things:

A. Learn about the big picture of how to get healthy by listening to the “Welcome to Options Health Center CD” (7 minutes)and by watching Helen Cox being interviewed by Sandy Gallant on supplements. (2 minutes) [Need Windows media player to listen to .wma audio or .wmv video]

B. Download, print and fill out the required forms before the first appointment with Helen*:
Client Statement (5 minutes)
Systems Survey Form- Prioritizes body systems that need support and cleansing (10 minutes). Please use this PDF.
Nutritional and Health History Questionnaire – Determines patterns of signs and symptoms. (15 minutes)
Privacy Notice (5 minutes – read only)
Consent Notice (5 minutes)
TMA Submittal Form (patient information and predominant symptoms only)

*You may come to Options prior to your appointment to pick up a health folder for all of the materials you need.

Step 2: At First Appointment
During appointment with Helen the following may occur:
• Review of nutritional health history
• Iris reading (Video link here)
• Zinc taste test
• pH testing
• Review of results of system survey form
• Recommendation of supplements
• Nutritional advice
• Hair cut for hair analysis (do not color or perm hair before coming to the first appointment.)
•Testing of water sample (if brought)
• Borrow any desired Options’ library items

A small sample of hair is sent to a lab for evaluation of the person’s mineral levels. This test can detect mineral imbalances, deficiencies, and excesses. Significant information determined by hair analysis includes a person’s metabolism, vitamins and minerals for supplementation, and recommendations of what foods to eat and to avoid. If you have questions about what Trace Mineral Analyses (TMAs) are about, you might find these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hair Analysis and TMAs interesting and informative.

Step 3: Between First and Second Appointments you:

• Keep a diet record for 14 days
• Take recommended supplements (if purchased)
• Use any borrowed library items
• Receive (via email) and read Part I Health Handbook

Step 4: At the Second Appointment:

Dr. David Watts interview with Mike Dimmick on hair analysis.

The hair analysis determines:
• Excess Minerals
• Minerals for Glandular Functioning
• Toxic
• Deficient Minerals
• Metabolism
• Bio-unavailable Minerals

Each test report will provide you with the most complete and comprehensive computer evaluation of significant mineral levels and ratios as tested in the hair. Included is a listing of foods to eat or to avoid in accordance with food allergy indicators and individualized requirements. In addition, each analysis contains a highly specific listing of supplements that may assist in balancing body chemistry.

The hair analysis report is simple, clear, and positive. It includes:

1. Two pages of graphs of the levels of 38 minerals.
2. List of recommended vitamins and minerals in specific, exact proportions based on the mineral levels.
3. Nutritional program with what “regular” foods to eat and to avoid and comprehensive lists of menus.
See a sample graph here: TMA Graph.

For more information about other relevant data that can be attained by hair analysis, visit: Trace Elements, Inc.

“Through proper interpretation, there exists a unique ability to recognize abnormal metabolic processes from trace mineral patterns found in the hair and other tissues. With specific dietary modification, restoration of a more normal biochemical balance can be achieved, thereby eliminating many nutritionally related endocrine, neurological, and even emotional disturbances.” David L. Watts. Ph.D., F.A.C.E.P.B. Your dietary history is reviewed with you.

Step 5: After the second appointment:

Click to listen to “Take Charge of your Health” – Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Track 4 | Track 5 (61 minutes) which further explains the Hair Analysis report and your recommended lifestyle changes.