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Health Workshops Available

Helen virtually offers a variety of workshops. 
Contact Helen at to arrange the course time.

Touch For Health Level I – This workshop provides practical skills to manage stress, reduce physical and mental pain and tension and increase overall energy without the use of drugs. Also, included in this workshop are specific tests, exercises and movements for enhanced learning, improving coordination and finding food sensitivities. You learn techniques of applied Kinesiology and acupressure massage. The TFH book Level l is required for this workshop.

Touch For Health Level II – Muscle balance is a basic key to the health of the whole person. Using an amazingly simple series of muscle tests, Touch For Health (TFH) can produce precise information about muscle weakness, nutritional deficiencies, injuries, allergies, mental blocks, acupuncture, meridian flow, and so on. With the muscle testing techniques you are given the opportunity to discover minor imbalances in your system before they become major problems.

Touch For Health Level III – Level III workshop is designed to further expand understanding of the human body and mind.  Topics covered are:  Yin/Yang, Five Element Balance/One point Balance, Goal Balance with Five Elements, Five Element Basic Emotions, Acupressure Holding Points, Acupressure Holding Point Theory, Color Balance, Sound Balance, Pulse and Pain Tapping, Postural Stress Release and the remaining 14 muscles not covered in Levels I and II.

Touch For Health Level IV – Level IV workshop is designed to provide a major expansion in your understanding and ability to bring healing.  Basic human anatomy and muscle movements are reviewed.  You learn the causes of pain and ways to regain, maintain, and improve personal health.  This workshop teaches the basics of the Oriental health system (the 5 elements) and comprehensive training in massage and applied kinesiology.   The workshop includes: Review TFH I-III, 42 muscle balance- head to toe, Review five elements balance, Postural analysis and rebalancing, Facilitation/inhibition, Circuit retaining Mode/ Pause Lock, Reactive muscles, Five Elements Nutrition, Sound, Color Review, Luo points, Inhibited muscles, Neurolymphatic release.

Contact Helen at to arrange the course time.
For further information on the workshop topic, please refer to the Glossary.