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Education Center

The Education Center includes techniques to make learning natural, easy and fun.

  • Does your student have a negative attitude toward school and learning?
  • Do you spend hours at night on homework that should only take one hour?
  • Is your student behind the rest of his/her class in one or more subjects?
  • Do you feel your student is not achieving his/her full potential?
  • Does your student need help with: short attention span, low grades, listening skills, motivation, coordination, comprehension, visual processing, and/or self-esteem?

Yes! Your student CAN reach the potential he/she was meant to be! Call or Email Options today!

The Education Center offers student evaluations (ages 3 to adult) that specialize in how information is received and processed in the brain and body.  After evaluating the individual, a program is offered of specific exercises that include Brain Gym® and other exercises. The individual seeking assistance is usually a student that has difficulty processing information (visual, auditory and/or motor).

Helen performs a comprehensive assessment using tests that provide information about the status of the individual’s brain function. In particular she looks at metabolic tendencies, neurological integrity, toxic metals and academic learning skills. With this information she then creates an individualized treatment program to normalize brain function.

The heart of this learning program is how to improve and augment one’s cognitive functioning to its greatest capacity and to educate students and families about methods that can last them the rest of their lives.
Workshops for educators are available.

The Options Center provides programs to resolve brain chemistry and brain-mind-emotional integration problems with a unique combination of approaches:

• One-On-One Attention and Individually Tailored Treatment Plans
• Skills, Tools and Knowledge for a Lifetime
• Drug-Free, Natural and Effective Techniques

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Philosophy of Education Center

Philosophy of Options Education Center Everyone has the capacity to learn and change. At Options Center for Health and Education, effective learning strategies enable students to think and solve problems with optimum success. If students know how to learn, they can acquire and process information more fully and easily. Learning How to Learn Programs at …

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Hair Analysis – Hair analysis (Trace Mineral Analysis or TMA) is a test in which a small sample of hair is sent to a lab for evaluation of the person’s mineral content. Please watch this video with Helen Cox, talking about hair analysis. Nutritional Counseling – The mineral levels and ratios of particular minerals on …

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Getting Started

Step by Step Options for Enhancing Learning & Attitudes Step 1:Before your first appointment with Helen, we invite you to do the following two things: A. Learn more of Options services and philosophy by listening to “Welcome to Options Education Center” and by watching these interviews, Robb Beltran, WMBD and Darcy Thomas, WMBD. B. Download, …

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Clicking on the below links will open pdf’s in your browser window. Auditory Processing 1 Positive Attitudes Classes 1 Auditory Processing 2 Positive Attitudes Classes 2 Auditory Processing 3 Positive Attitudes Classes 3 Hair Analysis 1 Positive Attitudes Classes 4 Hair Analysis 2 Reading Classes Hair Analysis 3 Thinking Skills Classes Hair Analysis 4 Visual …

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Education Topics

Select from the education topics listed below. Alphabet Learning Made Simple PACE Plus, Part 2: Brain Buttons Brain Physiology PACE Plus, Part 3: Balance Buttons Brain Three Dimensions, Characteristics of PACE Plus, Part 4: Cross Crawl Brain Gym® Option for Hyperactivity, ADD PACE Plus, Part 5: Hook-ups Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties Physiological Basis of Brain …

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Part 1 – Welcome – Part 01-Introduction.pdf Part 2 – Evaluations – Part 02-Evaluations.pdf Part 3 – Brain & Brain Gym® – Part 03-BrainandBrainGym.pdf Part 4 – Brain Gym® Classes – Part 04-BrainGymClasses.pdf  208 total views,  3 views today

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Adlerian Psychology (Individual Psychology) A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)Brain Gym®Hair Analysis         Adlerian Psychology (Individual Psychology) The Austrian psychologist, Dr. Alfred Adler, believed that psychological therapy should enrich interpersonal relationships and bring people closer together in healthy, responsible relationships. Adler veered from Freud and Jung, by trying to place the patient in …

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Helen virtually offers a variety of workshops. Brain Gym® 101  (pdf) | Brain Gym®, used extensively at Options teaches people to use their whole brains, integrating right brain creativity with left brain analytical abilities.  The whole brain approach helps  people become more receptive to learning experiences and process events more fully. Brain Gym® movements are …

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